12377 Kingsride Lane (at Gessner), Houston, Texas 77024
Established since 1976 in the upscale west Houston Memorial City area

(  Your personalized Big Box store alternative  )

  Closed Sunday & Monday
      713 468-3064  &  713 465-7170
Tuesday-Friday 8:15-6pm, Saturday 8:30-6pm
Appointments preferred & recommended
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This page was last updated: May 19, 2022

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ATTENTION!!!!!! AS OF 5/12/2022 our phone carrier service  for both our phone and credit card lines has been interupted beyond our control for an undetermined but temporary period. During this inconvenient time PLEASE CALL Ivana's cell 832 202-7083 to schdule appointments and for all related matters. Until further notice all services at this time are for check or cash payment only. Thankyou for your patience.